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With a K
Meet Kris

Born and raised in Virginia, Kris was a “country boy” who loved being in the woods with his German Shepherd, Brutus. Growing up, he was told that he had a deep voice, but he never gave it that much thought until it was a good talking point among the ladies while in the military. In 2011, he charmed his wife and they moved to Vermont in 2013 after both of their military services ended.


With aspirations to start his own food truck, he attended New England Culinary Institute and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Food and Beverage Business Management.  Still hearing the same compliment and needing fulfillment, a friend introduced him to Such a Voice which pushed Kris to start KrisBrownVO in 2020.


Kris has worked with the Department of Marketing and Tourism for the state of Vermont, Cartoon Connect (YouTube), and many overseas companies and agencies since. If you would like to know the “not-so-internet-friendly” version, please ask! "I’m more than willing to share my success story!"

"I want to bring your product life; to connect with the product and give it a voice. Whether that’s a slab of steak to an animal carpet deodorizer. People are looking down at their phones or looking away, paying attention to the kids (or a squirrel). But when they hear something unique, 9.5 out of 10 times, they are more likely to look where it's coming from. I want that to be YOUR product that they see and start paying attention to. "

Kris Brown
Turn Table

Wish you could:

  • Add something more to your videos

  • ​Have a professional sound to your phone’s voiceovers,

  • Add something special or your commercials?

We focus on character development to give you the best service that keeps you coming back for more.

Get more time back into your day…

Here at KrisBrownVO, we know getting your time back as a business owner is hard, but we’re here to help. 

We have all the sounds you may need to help you through all the stages of your business. Whether it’s a new voice for a commercial, an excellent sound for a movie, or a voiceover for your educational media, we’re here to help.

Here at Kris Brown Voice Overs

Kris BrownVO helps all entrepreneurs connect to their ideal clients by giving a voice to their brand, products, and services.​

We believe wholeheartedly in:

  • Strict accountability to our clients

  • Building genuine personal connections

  • Unique sound range

  • Maintain consistent character development

Let My Voice
Express Your Message

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